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The Devoted Podcast

Nov 8, 2021

Work. Much of our time is consumed by it, and whether we find ourselves at home, in the marketplace, or serving in a faith-based ministry, God wants us to discover joy and satisfaction in what we put our hands to. Yet all too often we instead find ourselves exhausted or even frustrated, caught up in a seemingly fruitless cycle of striving and doing. What if our work could become the gift God intended it to be? Today on the podcast, Aimée and guest Anya McKee are talking about work as worship and redeeming our toil as we learn to join God in what He is doing. Connect with Anya @anyamckee.



No matter what our work looks like, we are a Kingdom of Priests (1 Peter 2:9), commissioned to minister to the heart of God and to His people. As we understand who God has made us to be, we are released to serve His purposes in the places He has positioned us and find satisfaction in that work.